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Ceramic pigment enterprise profits loyal bottom red line


"Ceramic pigment industry does not appear in the 2014 innovative products and technology, affected by many factors, this year domestic sales pigment product is poor, almost no profit at all." Foshan ceramics many color materials and related chemical companies responsible per capita, he said 2014 profit decreased pigment industries, and even red bottom margins, greater color materials and chemical raw materials related to intermediate traders pressure.
Recently, this reporter visited several ceramic color materials and related chemical companies informed, affected the overall situation of the ceramic industry, in 2014 a lot of ceramic pigment and related businesses also suffered declining sales, prices and profits bottomed multiple pressures.

Under depressed market environment, the conventional ceramic pigment industry profits unsustainable. Many color materials chemical companies responsible were visited by reporters, he said the current situation is to maintain the normal operation, to survive is important. Most ceramic pigment companies are loyal to bottom red line profits.
Demand reduction, landing pigment prices

Reporter from Foshan City, on or Technology Co. Chief Operating Officer Mao had learned too righteous, titanium dioxide ceramics 2014 price drop is very large, the price per ton was down from 13,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan at the beginning of the end. Mao too meaning that in the past there have been such price changes, but it is this year's big price cuts of surprised.

It is reported that titanium dioxide accounts for about 70 percent of ceramic tile with pigment. Titanium dioxide and other raw materials price fluctuations mainly by supply and demand influence, weak ceramics industry as a whole market, and by the impact of new materials such as ink, toner demand gradually decreased to reduce the associated demand for raw materials. While raw material prices sharply, forcing the price decline also followed pigment products, thinner profits.

A ceramic chemical production enterprises procurement staff also confirmed the price movements of titanium dioxide feedstock. In addition, the procurement officer, said in 2014 zirconium silicate ceramics are also different degrees of decline.
According to the reporter to learn more about, it was forced to drop the price of the toner products Shishuwunai. Currently Color chemical raw materials and related industry price war is fierce fighting, colorants businesses and intermediate traders tend to gain market share through price cuts disorder. With more transparent information, a lot of ceramics factory production and technical director can quickly learn the relevant raw material price changes, forcing down the pigment suppliers to adjust lower prices.

Increased risk, intermediate traders to find another way out

Ceramics production and marketing enterprises encounter winter, the days of raw material suppliers also flies very suffering.

Foshan City Honor boss Jia Chemical Co., Ltd. Liu Honghai opinion, 2014 is the color of chemical materials and related risky business year. He said the money was originally pressed ceramic industry has been plagued by upstream suppliers of raw materials problems, bad market, ceramic enterprises funding chain difficulties, the situation appears even bankruptcies, raw material suppliers more difficult to recycle the money, thus increasing the risk of pigment business.
Liu Honghai analysis, with pigment ceramic manufacturers and producers of information more transparent, information supply and demand, and prices gradually symmetry, color materials and chemical raw materials related to intermediate traders to profit from the opportunity to trade smaller. Intermediate traders this part is gradually reduced. Once encountered cash flow problems, these intermediate traders faced more difficult situation, risk tolerance is also great, so a lot of brokers only to find another way.

Related salespeople Foshan Ceramic Chemical Co., Ltd. Xin Tao also believes that the risk borne by the middle of the big traders, the market is not good to force some brokers to find other way out.

Quality and stability is the key concern of foreign markets

For the future development of pigment enterprises, many pigment production and trade sales of business owners said they should avoid a price war. Mao too righteous believe companies should fight pigment product price increases to fight product quality and service, stable product quality and excellent service is key and winning business based on the market.

Liu Honghai is considered insufficient domestic research and innovation, the lack of integrity mechanisms and intellectual property protection mechanisms, industries and enterprises should focus on improving this aspect, pigment production and marketing enterprises can learn from Dow technology. In addition, insiders believe that foreign markets should also be cause for concern, there is strength and channels of pigment targeting businesses can sell to overseas markets.

Zibo Yongkun ceramic pigment Ltd. in Foshan Export Manager Chiao toward the toner has been responsible for the export business, the reporter he had been informed, ceramic pigment products in different regions and market price system is also different, in general, 2014 toner product prices in foreign markets within reasonable range of fluctuation, and no sharp becomes. In addition, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and other regions, due to the rapid development of ceramic industry, ceramic pigment demand, there has been steady growth.

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