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2015 Ceramic tile and ceramic machine the chemical industry market trends and development


The depressed market, in 2014 under the weight of environmental protection is nearing completion, the ceramic tile industry in 2015 how the market trend? Ceramics people are thinking. In this regard, ceramics News newspaper reporter interviewed the industry elite, take a listen to their outlook for 2015 bar.

Service is the key to a customer who market
(Chain Executive Vice President of China Building Material Li Qi Li-resistant)

National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in 2014 1--10 months, real estate sales fell 7.8%. Overall showing sluggish trend, as downstream industries ceramic industry affected is in the affirmative, the overall situation of building ceramics industry insiders can feel grim, many companies also can feel the winter chill. But whether it is a real winter, practicing internal strength for physical and different people feel different.

In order to better withstand the severe situation in the industry, building ceramics enterprises should be under stress good practice internal strength, enhance their core competitiveness, so as to resist the impact of external economic environment change brings to the enterprise. As the flow of business, service is the key, who use the service to win customers, who can win the market. 2015 trends in the ceramic industry is good for those who take the initiative, for passive and grim. Initiative to make adjustments according to market business there may be a big gain in 2015. Faced with severe external economic environment and fierce competition in the market, 2015 Love Tateie resistant building materials chain proposed differentiated marketing tool, in particular the operation, on the one hand to strengthen the county township network coverage, on the other hand, By segmenting the product to meet the needs of the channel, while maximizing channel inspired by the action of the force to join other policies, so that consumers can be in the service, regard the purchase of convenience, price, etc. fully meet consumer demand.

Market segments will be more professional
(Widex bathroom tile Marketing Centre Ltd. general manager of marketing Yan Shijie)

Feeling this year's market situation is Aihong, but there are some companies doing better, now feel difficulty is that some small and medium enterprises, or some mid-range brand.

For the next year the market will increase or at least in the first half, we've been waiting for, now trading volume of real estate, first-tier cities in prices, mainly because the country's first loans were made to re-adjust, but overall, not good where to go, it will not be bad to go, the worst there would be same as this year.

There is a market segment, spray enamel antique tiles and marble tiles slowly broken down, more and more professional, is now the main reason people buy is 80, 90, these people are not bad money to buy, only to find feeling , so unlike the 1960s were more concerned about the price, and now the product, such as antique bricks, in China, high-end, played down and the rise has come, now speaking style products, so our products are being adjusted next year, will Marble tile to develop that piece, a piece of marble next year, as well as antique tiles, glazed tiles of the kind that is now inkjet devices, from color, this is the direction of our research, confectionery glaze, new technology, now there are some New technology in the use of the brick surface, which is a direction, candy glaze on the wall is not a lot, because my inner wall of the production line, we want to maximize the production line.

Ceramic industry is also faced with the problem of inheritance

(Singapore Asia Holdings Limited 85 after president Lu Weijia)

With the guidance of the macroeconomic environment and national policy changes, the growth rate of China's economy has entered a rapid growth from the rapid growth shifting to the "new normal" phase, the latest data show that in 2014 China's economic growth rate further down, hovering at 7%; the same time, another grim reality is that 30 years of reform and opening up has been, along with the tide of reform grew up in most companies, we are facing new problems and old tradition successor. New normal, new and old heritage, let enterprises got hit.

2014 Real Estate presents development trend of polarization, the top 10 companies are growing. From the analysis of the ceramic industry lag, in 2014 the real estate industry, the polarization is our rehearsal in 2015. In fact, in 2014 there have been in the industry and scared a lot of painful things, the media has repeatedly reported to stop the kiln, the collapse of pay talks doors and other events, is expected in 2015 will be staged such a scene.

Ceramic industry is also faced with common inheritance problems. I think the family tradition into the transfer, partner type handover ceremony hired professional managers, business transfer or withdraw type these four, but no matter what kind, transfer once divorced, the impact on the enterprise will be fatal. Asia Luckily, spent six years to complete a smooth transition of family and partner-style heritage.

The development of enterprises, more need younger blood into. Asia now, both follow decades-old business development staff, there are a large number of the younger generation of 80 new employees, we are here to crash out of the fire together with the new thinking. Asia profound spiritual heritage heritage, sublimation inherent mode of thinking, and create a new blue ocean thinking. In the production structure, Asia spent more than 20 million built a production base 1500 acres of Hubei, central China will become the largest ceramic production plant. In the marketing sector, we contrarian, to spend 20 million to re-create the marketing center in South China, with Shanghai marketing center in Vicenza, then, an international, fashion style museum experience new scenarios will be presented to the global ceramics merchants.

2015 will be a year of rapid expansion
(Mango Tile vice president and sales director Yinhe Hi)

2015 Throughout the development of the ceramic industry, manufacturers will continue to face pressure front row, mainly as follows: some manufacturers existing larger capacity, the continued downturn in the real estate environment, supply and demand imbalance, end consumers more diversified. However, to seize the historical opportunity, and firmly implement the strategy in terms of development of mango, in 2015 we will rapidly expand.

Mango tiles in the domestic market by six years of intensive, has been in the consumer groups, the channel has become a designer rustic brand. The next three years, we will be standing at a new starting point, and unswervingly do strategic operations, from product innovation, channel development, and customer service continue to break through the mango successfully build China's rural lifestyle leading brands.

In 2015 the market will show a polarization
(One resolution marble tile CEO Weng Wenping)

Compared to 2014 the whole environment, the market will be worse next year, the entire market is polarized: No. One-line market with marble tiles as the representative of personalized, differentiated products concern; low-end brand channel development in the rural areas have greater profit margins. No characteristics such as product, no influence, no innovative brand marketing, continue to decline. This year many companies are not digest inventory, next year the enterprise will only delay the time to open the kiln, production capacity of enterprises will be more bleak.

Therefore, I propose the following: First, the product well, seize the market demand. Although many companies trying to do the marble tile, but the real can this market also need to have a solid strength of enterprises. Second, strengthen the construction of the terminal stores, take channel sink strategy to strengthen team building terminal stores, real consideration for the agents, feels "there is a temperature." Third, cross-border integration of resources, multi-channel operations. Four internal "militarization" building, to enhance competitiveness through the service, detail. Fifth, strengthen confidence against harsh environments.

Consumer groups more youthful, fashion and personalization
(General manager of the new Diamond Tile Co., Ltd. Yunfu Pan Bing Ran)

Ceramic industry is closely related with the real estate industry, in 2015 the big situation is more severe than in 2014, but with more younger consumer groups, and personalized fashion, small antique brick market will become increasingly large, small size antique brick products for space design, high paving requirements, high capacity terminals for agents, teams, service awareness, marketing capabilities. Therefore, our company is going all out to establish a Terminal Services standardization and development of a series of terminal operational specific programs.

That price is better to fight service
(Foshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. General Manager Yin Huanping truth)

From the environment point of view, in 2015 and this year will be about the same, or even worse some of the best, and this year the situation is similar. From enterprises, enterprises next year and this year is about the same, there are not many changes, because such a situation like this year, the fall has been down, hold on have to fight on, and the shuffle has been shuffling If that next year there will be a lot of business failures, can not take the kiln, on foot, of course, there will be a part of, and this year will actually summoned up the courage.

Over the next three years, or full polished glaze and marble-based, no new products, new product and then how can not get it out quickly, unlike before now belong to the era of huge profits, once out of the new product, along with other companies keep up, and then began to fight price. If the new products come out, see who study well, do complete all aspects, infrastructure, services and other cost-effective, profits may be more smooth some do not need to go to the big fight price.

For manufacturers, the next year to develop the terminal market will be difficult, because customers are waiting and watching, the environment is good, this brand has done a general, the client might want to change, even if it may not do well this year, we can only wait and see, but also did not dare move, including the big brands is the same next year, all companies are spending mind the new tactics, tactics is nothing more than a marketing tool is an internal change, there will be some new strategies, the other one is more professional service, in place , active terminals may be more, have their own characteristics means to do marketing, companies will increase the number of unique products to sell.

Innovation and cost control is to deal with magic
(Hongyu Group Vice President Europe Jiarui)

After the 2015 Spring Festival, the industry as a whole will continue to follow the situation in the state in 2014, even if there are better, but also to pick up until the second half. Based on past trends analysis, due to the economic downturn inertia Moreover, countries do not have large economic stimulus measures, just fine-tuning, so the first half of next year the market will not be any major changes. Now, however, in fact, almost the bottom of almost.

Enterprises according to their actual situation to do long-term strategic planning, if only now considering how to do next year, it is very troublesome. June and July this year when he had a premonition that markets should form the second half and next year, it should make early preparations. Market grim, enterprises must deal with, one innovation, the second is cost control.

Stop and make valuable products
(ICC tile, deputy general manager and general manager of domestic marketing wave into the region)

We also feel that the overall situation this year is worse than before, in the case of a bad environment for the ICC, there are still a good growth, some of the more pragmatic of the strategic objectives we set, including the last two years we have to stick with These differences of the line, which is crucial, I think in the next few years, we adhere to the goal set down in these two years to expand, even under the 2015 situation is not optimistic, growth will still remain optimistic.

If you want to make a difference in this industry, we must stop and do some valuable products, before those lively, Fuzao ideas and make the brand positioning, may not be able to fit the future development of this process there will be some brand will slowly eliminated, but some brands will slowly expand, so in 2015, even in 2016, I think this industry is constantly accelerate reshuffle, re-integration process, and this integration is done before agents Or is the boss did not encountered before. The same is done brand but also a clear brand positioning, brand if you want, but what you want to do, not necessarily well.

In terms of products, I think the big trend will not have much change, such as this year better full cast glaze, wood tiles, modern antique, including such gray tones of some products, I think this is the next two mainstream within three years, to expand market share in each category, you can do better in this industry have the right to speak, to do such as making wood industry has a high voice, that's what you can in The key to this category can stand down, but many brands are willing to invest in this category.

2015 Marble tile will be anybody's game
(Iga ceramic Tong Yang Ming, deputy general manager of marketing)

2014 marble tile trend outbreak emerged within six months dozens of marble tiles. Gathered many brands which make marble tile crowded, crowded 2015 is destined to be the world hegemony. Two thousand years of Qin missing the deer, by the world. Today, the same marble tiles become a hunted deer, the deer is no longer simply an exclusive, but in a non-Vatican marble tile, marble tile, marble, One tile nouvelles jointly fight, marble tiles forming a fierce competition situation, This war must be Fenshen a stroke Shengsizhizhan.

2015 marble tile anybody's game, must be divided into three stages, the first stage is growing hard power Competition, simple words is the product of competition, excellent product quality and excellent texture and other technology, decide in the future whether you win The first dealer support, so the layout of the terminal, plot world; second stage is the soft power of penetration, fierce battle in brand positioning will certainly affect the future trend, in order to become the royal pyramids on the goal must be clear, precise kill, whether those God will become outcasts; and finally decided to contest dominance of experience honed brand finally to the exciting moment two male Competing. Who is the king? Depends on their faith in the brand, strong brand of faith, will shape a great company.

Precise positioning of consumer demand
(Oceanside Hobsbawm ceramic Marketing Director HAN Ke)

Since the state of the real estate market over the years of unremitting regulation, the property market turnover continued downturn in the past two years, resulting in demand associated with the amount of the ceramic industry is also shrinking. Plus years producing ceramics industry can continue an exponential expansion of production capacity is saturated, ceramics market competitive pressures. Exports to Europe and other countries due to the economic downturn and the RMB exchange rate soaring, so export growth is not obvious.

2015 as the country to relax regulation of real estate market rebound is a big trend, but it is difficult to reproduce the glory of previous years. In the new market environment ceramic enterprises go from here? I think we should insist on innovation, brand, culture, ideas, regardless of how the market manufacturing enterprise transformation, there is in the product, especially in this era of inkjet, product replacement rate has entered an unprecedented era, companies should go fine in the product positioning, more accurate positioning of consumer demand, to meet the needs of target customers, in order to establish brand reputation among consumers in target. The so-called fine positioning products production and technical personnel behind closed doors is not the product of, nor is it a group of salespeople out Mangrenmoxiang meeting to discuss the conclusions, but made a detailed investigation and analysis of target groups after mature products, the creation of specialized women's movement in a Nike marketing era goods store, if it wants large and brand, then no doubt will lose all customers.

2015 inkjet and polished glaze also will be protagonist
(General Manager Xinpeng ceramic Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan City, Zhou Qing Tian)

2014 is the ceramic industry, "winter", but 2014 pottery industry, "winter" and in 2008 the pottery industry of "winter" is not the same. 2008 pottery industry, "winter" to come, the government quickly intervened invest a lot of money, "winter" time is very short. After the rapid recovery of the real estate, ceramics factory products quickly clearing the backlog, "winter" once in the past. And this year to the year, the major ceramic manufacturers style all their own, a Foshan Ceramics Group heard a dealer will order on more than one billion years. 2015 war bugle call is sounded.

Expected in 2015 and cast glaze inkjet or protagonist, but all enterprises is the rapid development of differentiated products. For example, a simple inkjet plus traditional screen do marble tiles. To do so would be difficult to imitate, try to avoid "copycat" products appear, the homogenization problem is solved. Future ceramic tile products as various as the launch of works for copycat products, "Kam Po Brick House" will be able to find a look. Tile product differentiation also urged the development of innovation and development of ceramic machinery and equipment for high-speed, to facing the present situation, "survival of the fittest" in.

Xinpeng ceramic machine adhere to "quality of survival, technology and development" concept, to gain a foothold in the market. Business executives also have been insisting fighting in the first line, find fun new technology products, the manufacturing understood as "ascetic." 2014 Xinpeng "efficient low carbon forming system" can improve the stamping presses per minute times 30%, improve tile molding quality, reduce energy consumption, saving consumables, in the application of ceramic tile production line by users Green Mei. Xinpeng attack last month on PhD research team successfully developed on Leroy sanitary ware spray painting robot production line, has been reported that CCTV News Network program, Xinpeng robot will be a higher starting point, the smart in the ceramic industry production play a more important role.

Optimistic about the development of ceramic industry
(Wei Huopu Foshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. Executive Director Tian Hongxin)

From a macro point of view, we all know, when it comes to ceramics, it is necessary to contact from real estate. On the 11th of this month concluded Central Economic Work Conference, "real estate" to miss the word, there is no mention throughout. This indicates that the maximum tolerance level of price fluctuations on the real estate regulation has been loosened to admit reality. On the other hand, also it shows that in the case of the real estate market is facing significant downward pressure, high-rise "no bailout" a clear attitude. The meeting also mentioned a very important point: monetary policy will tend to be more relaxed. My understanding is that with the improvement of monetary conditions and the strengthening of individual housing credit support, the next year the real estate market is expected to have a significantly warmer than this year. According to E-House China Research Institute data show, including the north of Guangzhou, including 30 typical urban residential volume has hit a new high this year, showed that the effect of loosening regulatory policy has begun to appear, this trend is likely to continue in the next year there is a great ʱ?? Real estate rebound, currencies relax, we have no reason not optimistic about the ceramics industry?

These years, Foshan Wei Huopu Ceramics Co., Ltd. and its parent Wo Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. under the leadership of chairman Chen Zhiming, from the late 1990s to make manganese aluminum red start, and today products include pigments, frits, glazes finished and additives four categories, has been sold to more than 30 countries and regions from the Chinese market. The only thing is the more regrettable in the case of popular inkjet printing at home and abroad, we did not get involved in this type of ceramic ink products. Future, with further pick up of the market, we will more domestic ceramic enterprises caring service.

2015 three energy-efficient motors will to two energy-efficient (super-efficient) Motor fast forward
(Foshan City Star Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Yue)

Overall, domestic accelerate the upgrading of the rapid development of overseas markets. 2015 is a common motor and three energy-efficient motors, the two energy-efficient (super-efficient) Motor rapid advance replacement period, not only because of the promotion of national policy, it is the industry after years of rapid development, eventually faced upgrading market demand.

Industry technology market is facing the need for change, a substantial increase in costs, the demographic dividend advantage weakening pressure will develop in two directions: First, the high-end market share is stable, large manufacturers Hengqiang; the second is the rapid development of niche market segments, volume small but survival ability. Mid-market flattening out, the transition is more difficult, the market share will be squeezed at both ends, start shrinking dramatically. Indian market developed rapidly, thanks to an open and free market policies and the demographic dividend of rapid expansion, the future prospects.

Starlight Drive is located in Sanshui new plant put into operation, in favor of R & D and manufacturing efficient gear products; and domestic well-known motor manufacturer (Zhejiang Jinlong, Lu'an Jianghuai, etc.) and strategic cooperation, contribute to the promotion of two energy-efficient configuration (Super Efficient) supporting the use and promotion of the motor. Ceramic industry is the foundation of the Starlight Drive, will leverage brand awareness and technology, technical improvements and new product development designed kiln, milling machines, inkjet printers, and other special gearhead.

Ultra-thick cast-depth promotion of the concept of flat enamel
(In Jan glaze (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., general manager of the whole Chunhui)

Went to the end of the year when the inventory, look back to 2014, influenced by the environment, most of the ceramic enterprises have begun to shut down the furnace, clean up inventory. This year can be described as Handonglayue ceramic industry, not only the market bleak, store rent, staff salaries, administrative costs, logistics and transportation costs continue to increase, so that dealers have a lot of pressure. According to incomplete statistics, the main area of ceramic covering Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other places large and small businesses ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic tiles have been covered in the second and third tier cities sales outlets. At the same time, the more popular merchandise, brand value, the more and more important. The so-called law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, now more competitive, strong corporate brand will become stronger. The face of opportunities and challenges, we should ensure the quality, quality is the vitality of the production of a business advantage, while also creating high-cost advantages of the product; Second, we must expand the scope of development, upstream and downstream industries would like to extend the business, and take business cross The cross-border development. Fusion will be the new direction of development, the future is bright, the space is huge, the road is tortuous, opportunities and difficulties exist, companies should steady development, we must get down to do the upgrades.

This year we can see the environment in general, polished product marked decline, being full cast glaze, antique tiles decomposition digestion. At this point, predict the future 2-3 years, throwing the glaze is still the mainstream products, will dominate the market, it will not be shaken. Feedback from the market point of view, the whole cast of ordinary glazed brick surface effect that the mirror effect of light and shadow on the upgrade is an inevitable trend, so the future development of new products in this one is bound to make a fuss. At present, Yang's products are ultra-flat enamel thick cast full cast glaze, antique into the glaze, the glaze and frit print, etc., due to the current market demand urgent, ultra-flat enamel thick cast will also further promote the concept, we will In this trend to secure the following principles: ① through sense, ② acid, ③ durability, ④ thermal stability, the scope ⑤ glaze. Do technological change, protect brick practicality, and enhance beauty brick. Meanwhile, with the spread of the light plane, after matt surface and delicate might occupy the mainstream, high-end market for the glaze tiles may also make some changes to improve the effectiveness, ultra-flat concept.

Single-minded to do tile edging machine
(General Manager Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan 金博特 ZHOU Qiu new)

Foshan Jin Bote Machinery Co., Ltd. from 2009 began to focus on manufacturing tiles milling machine, series production of antique tiles 19 + 1 dry-type milling machine (brick water absorption can be as low as 0.5%), the wall 14 + 1 +1 Dry milling machine (mill 300 may exceed 9,000 square brick / day), ceramic tiles 13 + 1 wet milling machines and other products; maximum sheet mill 1500, the minimum grinding 30 art tiles, rich variety of products, sales to hundreds of domestic ceramic enterprises, good user reputation, sales among the best, it all stems from focused. Jin Bote only dry and wet milling machine, not milling round, not dust, do not do any other ceramic machine products, Jin Bote = edger.

Jin Bote company's management to concentrate, make concerted efforts, grasping management, with the team, single-minded as a milling machine to create a good personal career. As a loyal tile edging machine machinery manufacturing company, a professional team of the milling machine innovation, quality and service as a business lifeline, did not miss any technological progress, rapid improvement; years of painstaking study edger system precision diagonal line system vibration festival consumption, dry milling were cold-saving environmental protection, milling machine operating humane and automation expertise, holds several patents, and "efficient grinding Hunan University National Engineering Research Center" cooperation, Cutting committed to developing large-saving automatic milling grinding new technologies, such as efficient, as "dry milling chamfering machine" national industry standards makers.

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