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Ceramic raw materials prices overall demand is difficult to move up


This reporter recently visited a number of ceramic materials and raw materials upstream business was informed early in 2015 most of the raw material demand and prices are relatively stable, there are some ceramic raw material prices, ceramic products and ceramic glaze color ink is no substantial price fluctuations.

Part ceramic materials prices, but overall demand is difficult to move up

A chemical enterprise procurement staff, said after the ceramic raw material inventory digestion faster, some raw materials prices due to a slight increase in demand.
Foshan City, Yu Hong, head of Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. Jiang Jun said, by iron ore, aluminum and other bulk trading price volatility relevance, the domestic market price of alumina down about 5%, but price and foreign transactions but somewhat rise.

In addition, the titanium dioxide industry is currently in the traditional shopping season, domestic demand has improved. Since March, the majority of mainstream domestic titanium dioxide production enterprises have raised part of titanium dioxide products ex-factory price. The industry as a whole inventory is not high, the downstream procurement initiative, titanium dioxide is better shipping companies, the highest increase titanium dioxide prices by 600 yuan / ton, the rate of about 5%. Internationally, giant DuPont previously announced that from April 15 also raised prices.

According to Customs data, 1 to 2 months of domestic titanium dioxide export in good condition, 1 to February, total exports amounted to 90,200 tons, an increase of 16.7%. Insiders believe that the titanium dioxide industry standards, industrial pollution control technology policy will be introduced during the year, accelerating industry consolidation, which makes titanium dioxide industry to the level of profitability is expected to continue for the better is also growing.

Jiang Jun that, since most of the ceramic raw material industry overcapacity, recently affected by environmental pressure on some areas of the ceramics factory appear cut production, the domestic ceramics industry ceramics and associated demand for raw materials for the chemical industry has declined, as the market demand-oriented industries, ceramic chemical raw materials prices rose difficult.

Jiang Jun said that the ceramic industry is subject to environmental pressures and the impact of overcapacity, there will be no large-scale emergence of new capacity is expected to price fluctuations in 2015 chemical raw materials ceramics industry as a whole is not as big as in previous years. He expects ceramic chemical raw material price fluctuations do not exceed 10%.
Reporter from Foshan Greenfield Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. was informed by the responsible, alumina ceramics industry showed steady demand for the past two years, or even reduced.
Domestic ceramic industry in the past two years as part of the whole production line of polished cast glaze, glazed ceramic stone and other production lines, polished product in recent years, domestic production has been reduced, so the ceramic industry demand is zirconium silicate , its price is relatively stable.

Chlor-alkali industry recovery association, alkali chemical products prices

Related insiders, requires a lot of chlor-alkali products, metal oxides, rare earth products, ceramic additives production enterprises. Such fluctuations in raw material prices, to some extent, affect the production costs of supporting enterprises. Today's highly competitive market, the price war has reached a fevered pitch, in order to compete for the market, the price almost cost ceramic additives.

The main raw material production of ceramic diluent is sodium silicate and caustic soda. During the Spring Festival due to the pesticide, medicine, building materials, aluminum and other industries lack of demand, chlor-alkali enterprises have bulging library. Festival caustic soda prices lower into March is associated with the recovery of the relevant chlor-alkali industry, market demand increased, prices began to rise nearly 10%. Chlorine due to strict environmental inspection, downstream start limited, in order to do the chlor-alkali balance, forcing companies to reduce the load, caustic soda production fell, and further lead the market supply, prices rise.

Although the chlor-alkali products mainly from the north, but its main consumer markets in addition to aluminum, mostly in the South, especially in the ceramic industry, a relatively high degree of aggregation, mainly in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Shandong and other places. Along with the improvement of road transport overrun normalization, tankers carrying fell 60 percent than before, gone, caustic soda prices also will rise, north caustic soda products because of rising fuel prices and punish overloading the impact of increased freight, caustic soda to the purchase price is also higher.

"Raw material prices, has not yet seen signs of decline, how to maintain long, it depends on chlorine market, if prices continue to lower the chlorine gas, the more loss of production, the more the price of the base will be long-term living high run, the production cost will be high ceramic additives, raw materials supporting business life is not better. "The industry says.

Color glaze products, ink prices fell

In terms of color glaze, due receivables, Fujian and other areas of the old conventional pigment manufacturers rarely supply directly to the ceramic enterprises. But with the increasing pigment production enterprises, increased competition, forcing many manufacturers to put aside brokers and trading of ceramic enterprises. In accordance with the laws of the market, whenever entering a new market, it must be accompanied by a certain degree of none other.

Impact on traditional ceramic ink pigment is relatively large, traditional pigment market share shrinking. As the industry competitive reasons, some supporting material prices are rising, and the color glaze product prices but declined.

Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Corp. ceramic machine equipment division sales director Chen Jun said that the current domestic price per ton of ink in more than 50,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan hovering imports between about 7 to 9 million, a some better quality ink prices reached eight, nine yuan per ton, and even some categories of ink fell below 50,000 yuan / ton mark.

"Overall, the ceramic ink prices early in 2015 showed a steady decline, substantial fluctuations did not occur." Chen Jun representation. His personal estimate the current domestic market share of China's ceramic industry ink may reach two-thirds.

It is understood that the current domestic and imported ink ink gap in quality is very small, but there are still big on innovation gap. Because ink imported brands in China ceramics industry to promote earlier, in the comprehensive performance of the product is still relatively good performance, so the current unit price of domestic and imported ink ink a gap of one or two million.

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