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April natural gas Shandong Zibo ceramic enterprises bounced slightly affected


National Development and Reform Commission on February 28 announced that starting April 1, China's natural gas prices will officially achieve incremental gas deposit merger. Reporters from the Zibo City Commission by letter learned that the natural gas price adjustment will have a certain influence in Shandong Zibo City chemical industry, building ceramics, refractories and ceramics for daily use industries such as industrial enterprises, but the impact is limited.

In June 2013, the State introduced gas price adjustment programs, including non-residential natural gas price adjustment distinguish the stock gas and incremental gas. Incremental valve station price (including ex-works and pipeline fees) further adjusted to maintain a reasonable relationship of parity and alternative energy price level, the stock of gas price adjustment is "three steps." The number of natural gas inventory is actually used in 2012 for the 112 billion cubic meters, an incremental increase in gas refers to the new gas.

According to the NDRC issued a notice recently, after the adjustment, the highest provincial incremental gas gate prices fell 0.44 yuan per cubic meter, the highest stock of gas station price increase 0.04 yuan per cubic meter, which is China's price reform, the first sharp decline in natural gas prices.

Because of Zibo City business basically completed before the end of 2012 from coal to gas, and therefore, the current Zibo City Industrial use of natural gas is substantially gas stocks. Affected by the impact of natural gas price adjustment, Zibo City Industrial enterprises will further push up the cost of production, profitability will decline further. In a 3-ton gas-fired boiler, for example, assume that the boiler operating eight hours a day, a month consumes about 6 Articles of natural gas, after 0.04 yuan per cubic meter per month to pay gas costs 02,400 yuan.

According to reports, however, with gas prices adjusted fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas and other alternative energy prices compared, still has a price advantage, so the gas price adjustment of industrial enterprises in Zibo City, the overall impact is limited.

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