liquid body binder GA-462

As the ceramic industry continues to use high-quality pottery clay, result in high-quality clay resources is increasingly scarce, due to its non-renewable nature of the ceramic industry had to start using barren clay material to produce of various ceramic products, but because of the inherent nature of materials, resulting in the products have cracks, broken corne, missing edges,and so on defects. In view of this,after painstaking research and development , we have developed a highly cost-effective liquid strength agent in finally.

Since the ceramic industry continues using high-quality pottery clay, high-quality clay resources are increasingly scarce, due to its non-renewable nature, the ceramic industry has to start using barren clay material to produce various ceramic products. However, due to the poor inherent nature of materials, the products come out with defects like crack, broken edge or corner. In view of this, our company has developed a highly cost-effective liquid strength agent finally after painstaking research and development.

A、Product code
B、Product features

1, Flowability of ceramic slurry will not be affected after applying our liquid body binder, easy for mud transport. It could overcome the defects of using lignin and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) body binder such as: seriously lower the flowability of slurry, not easy for transport and dry temperature-sensitive.

2, Could greatly increase the intensity of ceramic body,reduce the broken rate while will not cause black spots in ceramic body.

C、Product Application :
1, General dosage is 0.2 to 0.3% (relative to the dry raw material), green body strength could be increased by above 50%. Actual dosage depends on the proportion of barren mud and press machine performance .
2,If milling with mud, it is better effect add while the milling is about to be finished.
3, Put directly  into the mud pool and mix well .

D、Storage method & attention
Plastic drum sealed package in a dry place.

Please test the strengthen effect by making clay sample after drying.


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