New special effects body binder GA-436


Body binders GA-436 could increase powder flowability also could improve the grain crack and increase the powder combining performance.They will not influence the performance of slurry compared with normal binder,and brings about an increase in the green and dry breaking strength,lower down the broken rate in conveyer belt through production process.


1).Good dissolubility in water,no viscosity of solution,will not affect the flow speed of slurry.Also it has dispersive effect,save usage of STPP or lower the water content ,save energy consumption of spray drier.

2).GA-436 is effective even after long time of storage or aging after application to slurry

3).GA-436 could increase the strength of green body before and after drying,while will not casue black heart or sandwich body.It is environmental friendly product,no odor or dust,good for working environment and health of operator.

4).GA-436 Could reduce thixotropic properties of slurry,easy for production control.

5).Every adding of 0.1% GA-436 could reduce about 3% clay,help on saving raw material cost after adjustment of formula.Add less clay could lower the ignition,help to achieve fast firing in low temperature, increase kiln efficiency and save fuel.As the water content in clay is more difficult to be evaporate,the reduction of clay could reduce pinhole defects.

6).GA-436 could increase whiteness of body by about 3 degrees,save adding of Zr(SiO4).and improve the colouration of full body tiles,save dosage of pigment.

7).After formula proportion adjustment,factory could save: about 20% energy consumption on ball grider,8% water content of slurry,and 10% cost on powder making.

3.Application method:

Add 0.1~0.3%(weight of ceramic raw material) of GA-436 to mill with ceramic raw material.Please find out best dosage by tests,also consider the proportion of plastic material and performance of pressing machine.

4.Packing specifications:25kgs/bag

5.Storage method:Sealed plastic bag, store in dry & cool place.One year shelf  life.

Remark:The product performance should be judged not only by testing its viscosity or flow speed of solution but also by testing the strength of small sample after drying.

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