Sugar glaze printing medium PM-280

Sugar glaze printing medium is special for sugar glaze printing. The particularity of sugar glaze process requires that

the glaze to be applied evenly and attached tightly to the tile body so as to achieve best decoration effect. This

requirement demands highly on glaze-applying technique and the printing medium used. Our sugar glaze printing

medium has good fluidity and adhesion that could meet these special needs.It will not cause thixotropy and caking to

the glaze paste, and will not take away the glaze granule.Moreover,PM-180/PM-280 has outstanding performance on

avoiding glaze deposition compared with same kind of product.

I, Product code:
PM-280 ,PM-180

II, Product features:

Component: water-based polymer
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Viscosity: 9000-10000mpa.s (NDJ-1,30 ℃ measured)

Specific Gravity: 1.02

III, Use:

Suitable for Glazing bell and linear glazing machine.Dilute PM-280 with 1:1 water and adjust flow speed at 30~35s before use.

Adjust glaze paste with suggested proportion at sugar glaze:printing medium=1:2.3~2.5,glaze paste flow speed control within 50±10s.Recommended dosage of sugar glaze for 1 piece of 30x60cm glazed tile is 60~80g.Reduce thickness and increase the hardness of the engobe glaze on the tile surface, could help to achieve best decoration effect.

IV, Storage: kept in sealed containers of more than one year stability test is not bad

V. Packing: 50kgs / barrel

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