Rotocolor printing medium ROT-610

The serial printing oil is a kind of extremely good rheology characteristic, have better drenching , plasticity , suspending , dispersiveness, every performance is extremely steady, it is small to change. Printing is very smooth , the pattern of printing is very fine and smooth .
1、Physical Properties
Appearance: Transparent or little opaque liquid
Chemical Compositions:Various kinds of synthetic high polymer
Dry Speed:Quick-drying model(About 12~15 second)

2、Product Features:

3、Product Application
1)、 (When the percentage of the pigment is more than 65%, Suggest the printing medium is reduced to around 130%)
ROT Series   130-150%
Printing Powder + Pigment 100%
2)、The glaze viscosity is limited to 20-25second ( On the producing line, the  viscosity under 25 second is better.)

※The aforesaid composition provided is only for reference. According to the information grasped and experience at present , printing medium in same formulae and use different pigment & glaze, the velocity of flow of printing glaze will be have difference , the manufacturer must according to self  terms to adjust the quantity of printing medium for better performance.

※四、Test Step:

Printing medium alone on the tile surface , then put it into the kiln for firing , the main purpose is to observe if it cause the pinhole of glaze surface.
五、Storage Method:
Put it in the sealed container , useful life more than one year.
六、Specification of the package:
50kg\ barrel

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