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Fixing agent GA-2212

The fixative mean that forms the firm membrane on the tile glaze surface , so can decorate the glaze surface with such crafts as the silk-screen printing immediately after the body applying glaze , avoid sticking silk screen with the bottom glaze , have improved the printing quality , decorating result and production efficiency , fixative is all burn itself away in 300℃, do not leave any carbon’s sediment , do not make the defect of glazes surface.

I. Product Code:
GA-2212 、 GA-2215

II、 Product Features:
Compositions: Macromolecule of synthetic polymer
Appearance: Blue-green  thick liquid
Density: 1.03   (30℃)
PH value: 6.5
Ash content: 0.1% MAX
Viscosity:: GA-2212        2100±10%mPa.s    (30℃)
GA-2215        3300±10%mPa.s

III、Product Application:
1. GA-2212/15 is suitable for environmental tempreture more than 15 ℃ use.
2. As the color agent, can form the protect membrane on the glaze surface before the printing, make printing more smoothly .
3. As fixing the granular frits on the glaze surface, spray it on the glaze surface after or before the applying glaze , make the granular frits fixing on the glaze or body.

IV、Use Method:
Fixative : Water =1:10~ 15  Use DISC or the spray gun to insufflation after mixed.

V、Storage Method:
Put it in the sealed container , useful life more than one year.

VI、Specification of the package:
50kgs/ barrel

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