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Binding agent GA-C40

In the ceramic industry, the general of the contradictory relationship of the glaze paste & mud paste’s viscosity and density . Industry expect to be able to use a high density of pulp to reduce the use limitations, such as: fluidity, drying rate, moisture content, semi-finished intensity, energy consumption and other factors cause the defect of product quality, but the normal CMC can not solve the above problems, binding agent be able to improve these problems.
I、Product Code:
GA-C30      GA-C40
II、Product Parameter
Viscosity≤30mpa.s  (2%)GA-C30

Viscosity≤1500mpa.s(2%) GA-C40

III、Product Features
1、Excellent solubility
2、Improve the glaze paste’s dry-speed , even the dry glaze. 
3、Its good binding strength for the paste
4、The low viscosity and good fluidity
IV、Product Advantages
1、The same density of engobe or glaze get more well performance than use
the CMC ,also improve the fluidity.
2、The glaze dry bond strength is well, not easy to cause the powder and the
collapse of the glaze or peeling.
3、A high density of (low moisture) Single firing quick-drying glaze  can reduce glaze-Body’s moisture, and can reduce the body deform and breakage, The engobe using C30, upon to dry conditions adjust the using parameter.
5、The low moisture content glaze-body is help for fast firing .
6、For sanitary products,  improve the density of spray glaze can reduce the
weight and moisture.
7、For the external walls products, increase the density of glaze can reduce
the flow and color frame.
V、Product Application
1、 Dosage recommended between 0.15% -0.30%, depend on the actual deflocculant test, with other raw materials put into the mill together.
2、Apply the engobe of C30 , surface glaze density recommended above
3、Actual use must first test the dispersion properties ,the deflocculant must add less as possible, add the STPP quantity is between 0.05% -0.15%.
VI、Storage method & time limit
Plastic bags sealed package in a dry place, above one year

VII、Specification of the package





white granule



White powder


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