New special effect body enhancer GA-436

In the development and continuous testing after nearly a decade of innovation enhancer, the latest enhancers already available, it is a new concept of newborn new quality product, not on the market before the general enhancers, so to say that it is already now the fifth-generation fighter, while a second generation of thinking can no longer evaluate the experience it!
The new effects body binder has the following advantages:
1, easily soluble in water and aqueous solutions without any viscosity but also both solvable glue, without any impact on the mud flow rate after joining slurry can reduce the amount of added water reducer.
2, since the solubility can be milled or applied to achieve the effect mixing with mud, greatly improving the operating range and efficiency.
3, the product can be added to the mud for a long time non-perishable, not a phenomenon of wood or cellulose-based storage time not more than 72 hours on the failure or greatly reduce the efficiency of the situation.
4, the intensity increased significantly, no wood or cellulosic enhancers can cause sandwich or sinister phenomenon, for green products, with respect to the wood and cellulose-based no bad odor and dust and help to improve the operating environment of the operating personnel physical and mental health.
5, after adding thixotropic mud slurry can be further improved to make it thixotropic reduced, beneficial to put the pulp in the production control and delivery.
6, can replace the current increasingly scarce clay (Nai, black mud), reduce the amount of added brick ratio, and thus save a lot of costs. Each additional 0.1% will be reduced by 3% clay, and whether it is or is it green strength has improved dramatically and dried prior to drying.
7, the high iron content of plastic clay substitute body can increase the whiteness of about 3 degrees, can reduce the amount of zirconium silicate class brighteners and for whole body tiles will significantly improve their hair color forces, save a larger color added in an amount proportional to the material.
8, due to the reduction of clay brick, so that the plastic mud ignition loss is reduced to achieve low temperature fast firing, improve furnace yield a rate, saving fuel costs; and because of mud clay water less volatile, reducing its blank face amount can be increased even glaze defects, reduce class pinhole phenomenon.
9, due to fewer add clay, after structural adjustment formula, milling can save about 20% of energy costs; reduce slurry moisture around 8%; powder manufacturing costs can be reduced by about 10%;

I.Product code:

II, Product appearance:
White granular powder

III, Product application:
GA-436 body enhancer is generally added in an amount of 0.1-0.3%, depends on the formulation ratio of plastic mud and press performance may be.
IV. storage methods and precautions
Plastic sealed packaging, in a dry and cool place. Performance testing of the body enhancer to be made after the dried sample blanks and measuring its actual strength, and not rely solely on measuring the viscosity (or flow) in an aqueous solution.

V. Packing: 25kgs / Bag

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