Printing medium powder GP-10


Normal printing medium used in screen printing is prepared liquid currently. After years of R&D and the use of newest materials and process, our company has launched the printing medium powder, which has following advantages:

1. Lower cost, only 1/2 -1/3 price of the normal liquid printing medium with comparable effect

2. Dosage used is only 1/10 equal to printing medium paste

3. Convenient to use,simplify the working procedure.You could get different viscosity by adding different ratio of water, less trouble of switch using  high and low viscosity printing medium.

4. Working life is long, good viscosity stablity.You could mix and use according to your need, avoid unnecessary spoil and waste.

5. Save storage space, convenient in transportation, reduce cost on shipping, storage and handling.

I, Product code:


II,Product appearance:

White powder

III, Product application:

Printing medium powder:10%


(You could adjust the water proportion to achieve suitable viscosity.)

1. Replace the printing medium you used before by same quantity of the prepared solution of GP-10, then follow with the same procedure.

2. Work out the suitable proportion of printing medium powder and water.Then put the needed quantity of printing medium powder ,water ,glaze and  pigment together,grind or stir evenly to make printing paste.

IV, Storage method and precautions:

Plastic sealed packaging,keep in a dry and cool place.

V. Packing:

25kgs / Bag

P.S.:Every purchase of our printing medium powder,will accompany with free stabilizer to sure the performance. Adding amount of stabilizer is 0.2%~0.3%.

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