Sugar glaze printing medium PM-280

Candy glazed ceramic industry is the recent rise of a special decorative materials, with sugar-like texture and fine particles through a special cream glazed program, by about 1080-1200 ℃ high temperature firing. Sugar-like fine particles uniformly distributed in the brick, the role of light, shiny, touch up and then feel fine, like sand rolling, with natural sandstone texture, so as to achieve a special decorative effect. However, its particularity process, and called for the glaze is applied uniformly and in cloth brick glaze has good adhesion, so the cream glaze or print media have higher requirements, came into being dedicated to this end candy enamel ink. The Division candy glazed ink fluidity and cohesiveness better, not thixotropic non-caking, particularly in preventing complete than similar foreign products on the glaze settle.
First, the product code:
PM-280 series
Second, the product features:
Ingredients: water-based polymer
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Viscosity: 9000-10000mpa.s (NDJ-1,30 ℃ measured)
Specific Gravity: 1.02
Third, use:
Suitable straight, Bell leaching methods such as enamel glazing, before use recommended by the 1: 1 (oil: water) to adjust the flow rate of about dilution ratio, diluted flow control in 30-35 seconds. Then according to the ink: Candy Glaze = 100: 40 to 45 or candy Glaze: ink = 1: 2.3 to 2.5 scaled pouring glaze, the glaze flow control in 50 + 10 seconds. It recommends glazing weight is 300 * 600 tiles of 60-80 grams, candy before applying the glaze must increase the surface hardness of enamel and enamel thinning face better.
Fourth, Storage: kept in sealed containers of more than one year stability test is not bad
V. Packing: 50kg / barrel

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