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Sugar glaze granule K3


The sugar glaze is a kind of special decorative material, which is grown up of the ceramic industry at present . It has texture of granulated sugar and special glaze, and it is burned at high temperature by 1080-1200℃. Sugar glaze like fine particles of uniform distribution on the tile surface,shining under the light, smooth touch like rolling sand, with natural sandstone texture. The firing temperature of granule is fit to the temperature of the kiln, if too high temperature easy be fusion and too low easy to be melted down, too fine particles easy be fusion and sink into the glaze surface, our sugar granule is is fit both on particles size or firing temperature for most of the manufacturers, and help to achieve the decorative effect.

A、Product code:

K3  、K5series

B、Product features
Appearance: fine particles
Fire condition:K3:1100+20℃;K5:1200+20℃


C、Produce Application

Suitable for Glazing bell assemble the diagram and Linear glaze to use.

Adjust glaze paste with suggested proportion as sugar glaze:printing medium=1:2.3~2.5,glaze flow speed control at 50±10s.Recommended dosage for 1 piece of 30x60cm glazed tile is 60~80g of sugar glaze. Reduce thickness of ground glaze and increase the hardness of surface glaze could help to achieve best decoration effect.

D、Storage method:

Woven bag packaging, prevent dust & moisture.

E、Packaging:25kgs /Bag