Ink-jet separating glue PM-2

For produce the full polished glazed tiles that using inkjet production craft, due to the ink jet printer in tile used for printing medium is oily ink, so in the ink-jet printing the process, due to the water not soluble both in the oily ink of which will lead to separation of oil and water in the ink jet printing parts and water-based glaze binding sites, resulting in ceramic tile firing after the surface is easy to produce the shrinkage glaze, pits and bubbles and other defects, serious impact on product quality. To solve the above problems, our successful R&D of Ink jet separating glue,not only can overcome these shortcomings but also can greatly improve the ink capability for color, improve product quality.

I、Product code:

PM-2 series

II、Product features
Ingredients: polymer of waterborne
Appearance: Light yellow colored liquid
Density : 1.02+0.1
PH value: 7+0.5

Viscosity: 4500+500mpa.s(30℃)

III、Produce Application
1、Directly print on the surface of ceramic tile for screen printing

2、Adopt to 100~120 mesh screen.

IV、Storage method:

Placed in a sealed container, the quality is stability more than six month

V、Packaging specifications: 50kgs/125kgs/1000kgs/ barrel

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