Dispersion agent


The dispersion agent is launched to replace fully or partly of STPP. Its dispersing effect is rival STPP in some of the clay material systems, while the cost is much lower. As a dispersion agent our product could be used widely, it can disperse effectively according to different ceramic material and glaze material, thus reducing the viscosity of slurry or glaze paste, and the fluidity could be improved. On the premise of maintaining the fluidity, the moisture of slurry could be lower, thus the energy of the spray drying tower and the cost of powder producing could be saved, meanwhile the fluidity of the powder could be improved and the overall performance of the powder will be better.

Advantages of the dispersion agent:

a. Suitable for a wide range of clay material, good dispersive effect in slurry or glaze paste containing with much clay and high content of Ca, Mg and Al.

b. Convenient for use, could be milled together with raw materials of tile body , or dissolve with little water then put the solution into the slurry pool or glaze container and mix evenly before use.

c. Fewer additive amount, normally 0.2%0.5% of dry clay

d. Environmental friendly, nontoxic, smellless, no pollution, no harm to the health of the staff

1、 Product code:


2、 Appearance:

White powder

3、 Application:

Normally usage is 0.2%0.5%actual additive amount need to be determined by the trial test result considering the ceramic material and the production water quality

4、 Package: woven bag ,25kgs/bag

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