New body CMC


CMC has been widely used as body binder in ceramic production for a long time, and it enjoys good reputation due to its pronounced performance in strengthening the tile body. However, its high viscosity will cause the ball milling of dry clay material more difficult, and more deflocculant is needed to smooth the process, results in lower ball milling efficiency and higher production cost. Moreover, CMC has another potential disadvantage besides high viscosity, that is, while using in high temperature, the body CMC will be corroded by microbe, and its viscosity will fall sharply till lose effect as time goes by. In view of this, after years of hard development, our company has now launched the new body CMC,item CMC-BL which could overcome the above mentioned disadvantages, and we trust it will become a new force in the ceramic industry!

Advantages of the new body CMC:

1. The new body CMC could increase the body strength obviously while it will not lose effect after 24hs’ storage like cellulose. Its performance is comparable or better than the body CMC used currently.

2. Lower viscosity,with only 20% as the current one, little impact to the fluidity of the slurry,so, less deflocculant is needed or the water content could be reduced, and increase the efficiency of ball milling.

3.Good stability, the strength drops little during the aging process.

4.Lower cost, only about half price of the current body CMC .

5.Could increase the whiteness of body by 3-5 degrees comparing with the current body CMC.

A. Product code:


B. Appearance:

White powder

C. Application:

Normally usage is 0.1%0.3%,depends on the proportion of the plastic clay and the performance of press machine. And it is suggested to confirm the dosage after laboratory and pilot test.

D. Storage method & attention:

Sealed plastic bag, store in dry & cool place. The product performance should be judged not only by testing its viscosity or flow speed of solution but also by testing the strength of small sample after drying.

E. Packing   25kg/bag

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