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Ceramic diluting agent(Water reducer)

Appearance : White Powder or Grain
Max Diameter : 3-10mm
Package : 25 kg/bag
Main composition : Na2O,SiO2


Ceramic Diluting Agent is widely used in process of preparing body or glaze slurry in ceramic industry,use to lower the water content and viscosity of slurry,
keeping good fluidity. Also,it could greatly reduce the energy consumption of spray-drier, improve the overall performance of the powder.

Advantages :
1. Lower water content of the body or glaze slurry,and maintain good fluidity.

2.Increase solid content and stability of slurry.  

3. Has effect of grinding aids,shorten grinding time and save energy consumption.

4. Could be used as substitution of STPP in ceramic filed ,with 20-50% lower in cost.

5.Harmless,non-radioactive and environmental-friendly product.

Product application:
1.General dosage is 0.2-0.5% of dry body material.Please find out the optimum dosage through line production test after lab test.

2.Put directly and grind along with ceramic raw material when use.More over,our ceramic diluting agent could be also used together with other deflocculant such as STPP,Sodium Silicate etc.


Keep under seal in cool and dry place.

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