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Ceramic deflocculant for recycled water_ceramic diluting agent_PRODUCTS_佛山市杨森化工有限公司


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Ceramic deflocculant for recycled water

Application area: Prominent effect in application in the slurry with recycled water in the desulfurization tower.


How to use:

Solid :Dilute to 45% water solution,then put 0.1~0.2% of the solution into the ball mill along with other deflocculant (like sodium metasilicate, sodium silicate, sodium humate and phosphate) . Also could be added together with ceramic raw material or 10-15 minutes before the slurry is released.

Liquid :dosage0.2%~ 0.5% of dry material.

Please find out the optimum dosage through line production test.

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and ventilated place,one year shelf life.

Package: 25kg per barrel(liquid) ,25kgs woven bags with inner plastic(solid).



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